Gears of War 3 review

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  • DualWieldingIsNotFeasible - September 15, 2011 5:22 a.m.

    Absolutely can't wait for Tuesday, I desperately need to see all of Gears' plot threads wrapped up (even if it's predictably). And that Beast mode is gonna be so sweet.
  • ExileOnMainStreet - September 15, 2011 5:01 a.m.

    Playing with Ice-T can only be a plus ha. Anyway, from watching a quick look of the gameplay it can only be amazing. So much stuff to do, achieve and show off to other players. You also keep your old gold guns (from gears 2) etc. Lets just hope i havent delete the save -_-
  • GamesRadarCharlieBarratt - September 15, 2011 11:32 a.m.

    Ehhh. Ice-T plays a rather irritating character, and not too convincingly at that. --SLIGHT SPOILER WARNING-- Also, he shows up for the first time in Act IV of V, by which point I was expecting the game to really start ramping up for a proper trilogy sendoff. Instead, I'm meeting an entirely new and inconsequential character, who's sending me on a fetch quest for fuel. Act IV of V! Franchise-wise, it's Act 14 of 15! Get out of here, Ice-T!
  • ExileOnMainStreet - September 16, 2011 3:52 a.m.

    That does sound pretty irritating. For shame Ice-T, for shame...
  • SonicX_89 - September 15, 2011 4:51 a.m.

    This is a bad time to be unemployed. I really want to play this.
  • GhostbustTyler - September 15, 2011 4:43 a.m.

    Damn it! Thank you for making the next few days hell as I wait for my pre-order to arrive Charlie!
  • NightCrawler_358 - September 15, 2011 4:35 a.m.

    I don't own an X-box, but i'll have to get my hands on this sometime. I really enjoyed the last two.
  • austincharlesbond - September 15, 2011 4:24 a.m.

    Looks like an epic game to me. Will get.

More Info

Release date: Sep 20 2011 - Xbox 360 (US)
Sep 20 2011 - Xbox 360 (UK)
Available Platforms: Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Published by: Microsoft
Developed by: Epic Games
Franchise: Gears of War
ESRB Rating:
Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language
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