Games as graphs (and charts!)

2) Playing Games

Figure 2-1. Exploring the MMO

Very little is known about the psychological phenomenon that causes the playing of, and subsequent addiction to MMOs, but the science is still in its infancy. In fact, researchers are still frantically deconstructing the spaceship that brought Ultima Online creator Lord British and his magical beard to our humble blue planet so many years ago.

The following chart (figure 2-1), leaked by a top secret government intern, lays out the approximate process of MMO consumption.

Figure 2-2. Playing First Person Shooters

Sure, FPSs seem easy to us, but that’s only because years of continuous finger twitching have dedicated a quarter of our motor skills to moving crosshairs around on screens and pressing switches that make elevators do shit. Ever watch a first-timer try to get through Half-Life 2?

“What’s going on? Where do I go? How do I shoot? Why are you taking your shirt off? I’m leaving.”


Figure 2-3. Prioritizing things you may or may not need to do