Fury - hands-on

Fantasy-based MMOs aren’t an endangered species these days, but developer, Auran has got a new angle for their upcoming title, Fury; they’re cutting out one of the most sacred and monotonous cows of the genre: player vs environment. Fury will be strictly PvP; there will be no boxes of text to glaze over, no repetitive kill-the-boars quests, no four hour group raids, and no NPCs with exclamation marks over their heads to track down.

We got some brief hands-on time with a Bloodbath match (read: free-for-all deathmatch), and Fury plays like a cross between Guild Wars and Unreal Tournament. The gameplay mechanics of casting spells, using melee skills, and maneuvering your avatar feel very much like traditional MMOs. But the fast-paced action, constant fighting (and dying) in the map we sampled makes Fury feel more like a first-person shooter.

Before each match, you’ll either create an Incarnation or select one that you saved from previous games. Think of Incarnations as character templates. Although you’ll be able to unlock over 400 abilities and all kinds of loot, each skill and piece of equipment has a number of points associated with it. This limits what you can take with you into each battle as there’s a cap on how many points you can spend. But the system also allows for a fluid and flexible character system, as you can play as a ranged nuker in one match or a supportive healing class in another.


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