Final Fantasy XIV Moogle marches in

Square Enix starts pimping their new MMO with some sweet swag

If you’re getting your grind on in Final Fantasy XIV Online, you might want to take a moment to check out this incredibly cuddly Moogle and some of the new promotional merchandise at Square Enix’s online shop. There’s a great Kuplu Kopo Moogle plush doll, two posters featuring images from the realm of Eorzea and a selection of cool straps.

The straps seem a little over priced and we don’t see ourselves hanging up those posters anytime soon. But man, that Moogle sure looks amazing.

Above:ThisKuplu Kopo Mooglewill set you back $24.99

Above:Two postersshowing the realm of Eorzea with character design illustration by Akihiko Yoshida. He's done a lot ofcharacter artfor FF games, but has also done work for Valkyrie Profile, .hack//, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Above: A collection ofGuidleve straps

Sep 24, 2010