Final Fantasy XI Beginner's Guide, Day 2

Ninja (NIN)
Tank, Weakening
Best Weapons: Katana
Recommended Support Jobs: Warrior

These assassins from the Far East can be powerful fighters, but are mostly used to protect other players from harm. You can do this by using Warrior as a Support Job. Ninjas can Dual Wield - equip two weapons, that is. This makes it a popular Support Job for many damage-dealing jobs. Ninjas can also use powerful Ninjutsu abilities to weaken or damage enemies, and even to avoid damage themselves. This comes at a cost. Ninjutsu consumes Ninja Tools with every use, making it the most expensive job to use.

Samurai (SAM)
Role: Physical Damage
Best Weapons: Great Katana, Bow
Recommended Support Jobs: Warrior, Thief, Ranger

Samurai are powerful fighters, and the masters of Technique Points and Skillchains, which allow party members to connect abilities in a combo. Using their Meditate ability, they can instantly ready themselves to unleash devastating weapon skills on their enemies, and help the other party member create Skillchains for even more damage. Samurai also make skilled archers when using Ranger as a Support Job.