Final Fantasy XI Beginner's Guide, Day 2

Advanced jobs

Paladin (PLD)
Best Weapons: Sword, Staff
Recommended Support Jobs: Warrior

Paladins are noble knights, skilled with sword and shield, and tasked with protecting other party members with their bodies. The sturdiest of any of the jobs, Paladins can also use healing magic and some weakening magic to hold a monster's attention, protecting greater threats. While the Paladin currently plays second fiddle to the Ninja in this role, Square Enix has promised to put the two jobs on equal footing ... some day. Hey, at least they look cool.

Dark Knight (DRK)
Role: Physical Damage, Weakening
Best Weapons: Great Sword, Scythe
Recommended Support Jobs: Warrior, Thief

Often accused of being "emo," Dark Knights are fighters that channel their hatred and sorrow to deal tremendous damage, rather than listen to My Chemical Romance and cry. While capable of dealing massive damage - sometimes at the cost of their own lives - their bulky weapons move slowly. This means you're going to drop time and money into equipment to boost accuracy and food. Dark Knights also have spells that steal stats from enemies, but nobody seems to pay much attention to them.

Beastmaster (BST)
Role: Solo, Physical Damage, Enmity Control
Best Weapons: Axe, Scythe
Recommended Support Jobs: White Mage, Ninja

While slow to develop, Beastmaster is the game's best solo class. Beastmasters can "Charm" monsters in the environment, to turn them against the other monsters. They can even stop charging monsters in their tracks. Their own skills in kicking ass are not to be ignored either. If you end up somewhere with monsters you can't charm, don't worry. You'll be able to whip out a can of soup that attracts another monster - which will take care of your foes in gratitude. No, we're not making this up.