Final Fantasy week, day 2

Yesterday we decided, once and for all, who was the best Final Fantasy hero. Today we're going to have a bit more fun and sift through the oceans of bodies and broken realms to determine the baddest villain in the series' history. We're not necessarily gunning for the final boss though - they have a tendency to come out of left field. No, we're considering which character causes the most trouble throughout the quest, how much damage he inflicted and the scope of his crimes.

5. Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)

This walking loony bin doesn't aspire to much - he just wants to destroy the world and rule with an iron fist. His methods are overt: there's no subtlety or behind-the-back maneuvering at all. He wants ultimate power, and it's clear from the first 10 minutes you're going to have to take him down.

He lays ruin to the whole planet, reshaping the once green world into a charred, depressing relic. An honorable clan of knights refuses to lie down and surrender, so Kefka poisons the water supply and kills the entire town just to prove a point. He even uses parts of the broken world to construct his own patchwork, mountainous lair. There's no respite from his madness. If only there were a bit more meat to his goals, Kefka could have been the ultimate villain in the series. As it is, he's more like The Joker - a lesson in insanity.

4. Vayne (Final Fantasy XII)

Most Final Fantasy antagonists are in your face - personally insulting you, killing your friends and generally being a huge pain in the ass. Vayne isn't like that. He manipulates governments and ruthlessly kills his family to achieve political power - political power over armies, over researchers into new magical technologies, over anything that will bolster the claims of the Archadian Empire. Caught up in the sweep of his ambitions, you'll constantly find yourself fighting indirectly against him. As you cut down his minions one by one, even his younger brother comes to your aid. It all ends badly, though, with one of the silliest final battles the series has coughed up yet. Too bad, Vayne. You had our grudging respect.


  • dougle - January 19, 2009 11:56 a.m.

    fantastic article.would of been nice to see kefka at #1 instead of the obvious(but much deserving)sephiroth,sin was great how they twisted it from just being a generic giant killer fiend to actually having depth/meaningfull story to it,& i truely believe vayne could have been so much greater if his battle wasnt a cakewalk(and maybe then the game wouldnt get as much flak as it does)
  • killemall - February 25, 2009 8:14 p.m.

    I love this article and Sephiroth... He is one of my faveorite characters of all time...
  • Arachidus - August 8, 2009 3:42 p.m.

    mnjc.. Sephirot is.. bad.. FFVII has never been my favorite - too much of emo njonji-njonji "I'm torn, I'm dark, I'm such a badass" stuff.. Whats the point of doing a list if you proclaim a public fav winner - and yes - you didn't explain well why Sephirot is better than the others? I've played the game several times and I can't recall Sephirot being vicious, just mad.. and he isn't calculated - Shinra are calculated, Caith Sit is calculated, even Yuffie is calculated - Sephirot is chaotic evil - hurting things because he likes it - like Kefka only more emo.. I think he would be the worst char, but they saved him introducing Cloud, the ultimate njonjo..
  • HeroicBilby - September 22, 2009 6:52 a.m.

    I will admit surprise in not seeing Kuja amongst the top five, especially in how well he accomplished almost all of his goals throughout Final Fantasy IX, like Sephiroth, and the fact that he not only ruined a world, like Kefka, but actually completely wiped one out of existence through sheer power. But then, I get the feeling a lot of people don't like IX for some reason. Still, by his own merits alone, Kuja ranks high with me personally. I've never seen another villain who wanted to erase all of existence because he wasn't immortal and it wouldn't be fair to let everyone else go on living after he died.
  • LordRetro - March 24, 2010 10:25 p.m.

    As awesome as Sephiroth is, he's still not as awesome as Luca Blight. Sure, he was a controlled by higher power bad guy, but he was a bad guy before that as well. AND he took 3 full teams, an entire contingent of archers, and a duel to take him out, and that's WITHOUT morphing into new forms. (I know he's not an FF villain, but I will argue anyone that Suikoden 2 is vastly better than FFVII)

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