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  • joerevs300 - May 3, 2011 9:35 p.m.

    I tried to put this under cheats but here are the best places I have found to grind: - Right after your ship gets sunk after leaving Fabul (Dark Knight Cecil + Deathbringer + Zuu=70-80% instant kill and 1 hit kills on almost all other enemies outside of town, can get to level 30 within a couple hours! - After defeating the Dark Elf, take your reequipped party and you'll plow through all the enemies remaining in the cave as you work your way out for big GP and EXP - THE BEST pre-moon place to level up is right after defeating Goblez in the underground. In the floor before you come out of the cave, you'll notice a healing pot. Heal up, go outside the cave, either level your whole party, choose to level 2 (I'd choose Rydia and Cecil), kill the ones you don't want to level, and battle. If you're fighting with Cecil only, you'll gain between 4000-7000 EXP A BATTLE! The worst status that can happen is if you get hit by Stone Gaze 4 times. That's a VERY rare chance indeed. - In the sealed cave, most people avoid fighting the Trap Door's that they don't have too, and that's a big mistake. If you go to the Sylph Cave and defeat Leviathan, he can kill the Trap Door with 1 summon. That's 5000+ GP and EXP, and there are like 10-12 of these throughout the cave. Again, if your daring, kill off all but 2 people and you likely can get close to 15,000 EXP for each one! - Finally, the Lair dungeon on the Moon is probably the elite place to level but it's next to impossible to do with just 1 character and (at least on the PSP version) you get back attacked a LOT. I tried this with Cecil and got wiped out 4 times in a row! The Silver Dragons are ridiculously easy to kill and give you big time EXP and GIL, as do most other things in this cave. Definitely beware of the Behemoths (there are 3 of them), fat chance you'll kill these guys with 1 character unless you pause to heal between attacking, that would probably get you near 30,000 EXP if you did! And the way I beat Bahamut is just Jump with Kain before he uses Megaflare (it's going to insta kill all but the strongest of parties) and then choose the Jump command when the timer is at "2". You'll jump and then he'll use Megaflare, but of course you jumped so there's no effect...repeat this (took me around 15 times with a level 42 Kain) and he'll fall, and you'll have the strongest summon in the game! (Don't forget to go back and get Odin either at Baron Castle, he is a ***** to kill too! Well those are some of my ideas (Another one would be right outside the Crystal Castle too...there are 2 healing pots in there, same as the underground). Hope this helped!

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