FIFA 08 - hands-on

In direct opposition to its big bro, mini FIFA is certainly a case of tweaking and fine-tuning over any wholesale alterations. For instance 07’s defensive intelligence was a weak point, something that EA was keen to remedy. Thanks to the new right analog player switching and vastly improved AI, any goals you concede will now fall firmly at your feet. This new realistic defending includes increased spatial awareness regarding threats and danger zones, putting more pressure on the ball carrier, more subtle formations and tighter man marking.

For the attackers amongst you, don’t worry, because you haven’t been left out by any means. The addition of manual through balls and crosses means you can now put the ball on areas the size of a postage stamp if you’ve practiced enough. It also adds a lot more variation and unpredictably into proceedings.

Formations also feel genuinely different for the first time, even if - for instance - they’re both 4-4-2s, since you’ll be able to assign a myriad of offensive and defensive runs. It’s like a Football Manager fan’s wet dream.

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