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  • wolfoftarth - June 4, 2013 1:04 p.m.

    Fable 4 1 – Location: I think Fable needs to return to the world of the 1st game; i.e. the fantasy/medieval world. I remember reading a gaming magazine back in the early 2000s, when the first xbox was pretty new, about Project Ego (the working title for Fable) and completely losing my shit. I think one of the big reasons people get into fantasy games/books is because of the brand new world so different from our own (Morrowind for example) that they can explore/envision. This whole industrial world feels too close to our own and isn’t really fun to explore. I love the idea of having vast tracks of wilderness between cities/towns. And actually having different biomes such as conifer forests/deciduous forests/grasslands/taiga ect. My favorite places in Fable 1 were Darkwood and Witchwood. Also, Demon Doors; I’m sure some people didn’t like them, but I loved going into one because the little glade/copse inside was serene as fuck. Coupled with the harp music, it made the Demon Doors feel like safe havens. 2- Atmosphere: One thing that stands out to me from playing the first game is my first Balverine encounter in Darkwood. Maybe it was because I was only like 13, but I was pretty darn nervous. Scared, even. I think some more of that would be good. Make us afraid to go out into the world because we might die. Make us afraid to be out in the woods at night because that’s when the hungry monsters come out and we’re a walking side of delicious. My point is, make us want to be part of the world. To me, it’s always felt as if my character was separate from Albion. Again, my example is Morrowind; because the game didn’t scale to your level, you were never sure if you would run into a monster that would make you his bitch. I want to go hiking IRL and be on the lookout for trolls or something. 3 – Weapons: Someone already mentioned an idea where you can customize your weapons by selection different hilts/pommels/blade designs ect. I love that idea. I don’t think Fable needs hundreds of weapon types like the Elder Scroll series NOR does it need hundreds of weapons with blue skills like Wow. Just make the swords/arrows act as if you were attacking someone with them in real life. If you shoot an arrow into a bandit’s side, he collapses and/or begins to stagger and/it bleeds out. Deep down, I’ve always hated the idea the swords do damage as in they have “30 damage points” like in every rpg ever. In real life, you can only hit a human or wolf or squirrel so many times before they die. Anyway, I think they should put more time into designing different parts of swords/bows so everyone can have a different looking weapon. Like, maybe I could have a steel blade with a white leather wrapped cross guard/handle with a dragon tooth as the pommel. And my friend might opt to use a black iron cutlass blade with a rapier guard and have an emerald pommel stone. I did like the concept of “weapon morphing” that Fable 3 tried to do, but it just doesn’t have the same personal touch as designing your own from the ground up, so to speak. 4- Factions: Someone else also mentioned being able to create your own factions; I’m going to run with this idea. I like the idea of being a knight or squire in a bigger world instead of the destined hero. Side note: one of the things I love about game of thrones (the books) is that they feel more like they are world driven in the sense that stuff is happening in the world and and we’ll reading is how the character’s are dealing with/reacting to it. Anyway, you join a faction or maybe swear loyalty to a lord. Let’s say that this lord is an asshat and you don’t agree with him. If you prove that you are a good swordsman/strategist/whatever, maybe you start to draw the loyalty of his other knights. So you and your small army decide to kill the lord and take his land for your own. Maybe a few of his peasants escape and tell the story. Maybe more knights decide to come join you. So you eventually go invade and capture a town. And so on and so forth. Of course this would require really, really good AI. But the general point here is that the world is moving around you and what you decide to do actually has consequences. I have more ideas but this post is already tldr
  • Stuie299 - September 10, 2013 1:32 a.m.

    I think people are forgetting what made fable so great and particularly what made it stand out from other RPG's. To me Fable: TLC was like a book or a movie. It had an ability to lose me in the game world like no other game ever. The presentation, the lore/history and just the little details were phenomenal. I think more straightforward gameplay and an expanded and more detailed story are all the game really needs. Once those are met then it can just focus on creating the best characters and world/setting as possible. I think Fable II and III got too caught up in adding features and bogged down with redesigning the combat system that they lost sight of what made the original work. Though the one take away from Fable III is the side quest The Game. In it you get shrunken down and play a dungeons and dragons style RPG with three hilarious dungeon masters. Its actually my favorite side quest of all three games.

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