• Denialhasatwist - August 19, 2012 12:46 a.m.

    They should set it back before the first game when Jack of blades was alive; the Guild Master wasn’t the Guild Master yet. They should bring back bows and good spells like in the original game because if they’re using gloves for magic, it won’t get the game very far because it makes using magic quite limited. You should be able to die again because doing what they did in Fable 3 is just a total piss take it makes the game way too easy for my liking. They could also do it in the time when the Grey House wasn’t deserted and Lady Grey and her family lived there! They could do so much by having it set before, if they keep making it go further in time it won’t be fantasy anymore, and all who have played fable must be wondering where the hell they’re going with fable 2 and 3 because it is starting to lose what made the game great. I agree that they should bring back the humour in the game because Fable 2 and 3 was a bit depressing compared to the original Fable; they should also give a reason to marry someone like when you (if you)married Lady Grey in the original to open the demon door, because at the moment it’s a little bit pointless to marry anyone. I still like all the games but I think they can do much better than they are doing. Well that’s just my opinion, Thanks.
  • johncreigphillip - September 17, 2012 11:44 p.m.

    I like it when you start off as a kid. Being a kid is awesome because it shows you evolve into a hero you want you be and it also gives a great back story to the game. Please do that in fable 4, does anyone agree with me?
  • Redspider - September 29, 2012 10:56 a.m.

    I'ld love a time travel element. A story that stretches over 3 time zones - The in-game present, The past (before Fable 1), and the future - 100 Years or so later. If this doesn't happen then you can sod off.
  • joey-ferrara - October 1, 2012 11:58 a.m.

    ok what i would like to see is the kids you have and the spouses you have haveing more of a reason to be there make it so your able to train them to be a sort of "Hero Helper" you can train them in strength skill and/or will, and bring back the child start that's what i honestly missed the most in fable 3, but either keep the dog or un-berry the treasure cause without the dog searching for berried treasure is tedious and annoying, also make it possible to have more than one child at once i mean twins are a rarity but why not make it so that certain personality traits yield twins? also next time why not make it the younger sibling who is evil/has to die? i honestly thought i would only put like two things but i ended up putting quit alot here
  • RavioliFaceMan - October 19, 2012 8:23 p.m.

    I disagree with the vast majority of these points. 1. More weapons and better combat Fable: TLC was ideal for weapon choice, This got gradually worse throughout the series, and in Fable 3, they seemed to abandon it altogether. They would be better to revert to the more simple combat system where weapons actually differed, and you could buy new ones. 2. Give the dog a purpose or get rid of it You seem to misunderstand what the dog is doing in Fable. Peter Molyneux made a ton of announcements about wanting to add an animal to his games so that you can feel more close or connected with the characters. Hence also the horse in The Journey. If this doesn't work for you, OK, but it's not up to you to speak for others. 3. Take away all the decisions or make them more interesting One of the basic concepts of Fable 3 was that it was hugely based on decisions. They didn't do this as well as, say, Mass Effect. However, they did do it well, and differently. The small jabs at decision making throughout the game build up to being a monarch. In reality, this lasts around 15-20 minutes in game so it's hardly a chore. It's a short build up to the end-game. Deal with it. 4. Character customisation Fable is not every other RPG and you need to think about that before you start accusing it of lacking RPG features. It is an entirely original mix of RPG and action, and it does this perfectly. If you want Skyrim, buy Skyrim 5. Big battles I can't think of a single RPG that has done 'big battle' well. The battle at Whiterun in Skyrim was probably the worst experience I have had in that game. It's simply not done, and it doesn't work. This kind of game needs a much more focused and persona combat system, which it has. 6. Open world Again, this isn't Skyrim. Skyrim is somewhat sandbox for an RPG. This is what makes it fade away as if it never existed. The plot drive in Fable games makes it really last, because the carefully played out story is truly epic and gets you truly involved. Clever game design makes worlds seem more open. While slightly more 'openness' could be good, this is barely a consideration to be made. 7. Add gameplay elements I never had an XBox, so I've never really been able to 100% Fable 2. However, based on Fable 1 and 3, I completely agree. Simple things such as inventory management, that nice leveling up system, demon doors, holding shift for magic etc were fantastic features that helped define Fable I. However, I realise that in order to make Fable 3 more accessible to the mainstream, a lot of more RPG-style features were omitted. It adds to the game conceptually, but for RPG fans it does take things away. 8. Make combat more personal And you're asking for bigger battles? I do agree with this though, and Assassin's Creed is a great example to compare it to. Slightly more fluid and focused battle would be great in a Fable game, but the AC battle system would be completely out of place. Fable's characters are much more natural feeling and rigid, especially in Fable 1. 9. Enhance co-op I see no problems in the co-op in Fable 3. I would hate to have other players' properties showing up in my game. There's solo play time, and co-op play time, and that's the way I like to keep it. 10. Keep it silly Don't think there's any chance of this. In all 3 of Lionhead's game series, a quirky style and sense of humour is maintained throughout. You just added this at the end to make up the 10.
  • Justinsb - October 22, 2012 12:22 p.m.

    Lionhead has a lot of ground to cover to bring Fable back from its deathbed. The first thing they need to focus on is the story. They need to bring in better writers. Fable III had an all star voice cast but an incredibly weak story, with plot holes big enough to drive an interstate through. The humor was also both forced and over the top - more Benny Hill than Monty Python. The game is called "Fable" a great story should be a given, but the story lines have been getting weaker and weaker since TLC. They have also, IMO, lost their license to "innovate". They seem to be innovating for the sake of doing it rather than innovating to create a better game. They need to drop online co-op completely and focus more resources on the core game. The dog is, no doubt, staying but it needs a purpose. There needs to be more customization for not only your own character but other NPCs. (You're "the king" but your son, the crown prince, is still dressed in his orphanage rags.) The expression wheel needs to come back, augments need to come back, a wider variety of weapons need to be created (the ones in three were sloppy and awkward). My fable II weapons, which I chose and augmented were much more "my own" than the ones in Fable 3 that I had to tickle a hundred chickens to upgrade. They need to get rid of gimmicks like "the road to rule" (opening chests to learn spells was just dumb). There need to be more regions and larger regions to explore, areas they've already introduced in previous games need to still be accessible even if nothing much happens there. Basically, at this point, they have nowhere to go but up. There is, almost, no area of the game that didn't suffer in the transition between 2 and 3. If they don't have any ideas, that they can actually make work, I'd be happier if they went back and used all of the files from 2 with a new story than if they tried to do something "really innovative" and fail like they did with 3.
  • Xiggie - October 29, 2012 8:02 a.m.

    Mods. Not just allow mods but encourage them like the Oblivion series. My fable games are collecting dust and I would so love to replay them with some mods. That would make the games more than just x hours of play through once or twice.
  • darkality24 - November 12, 2012 3:40 p.m.

    They need to make an MMO called "The Old Kingdom" and strip the Industrial overtone and replace it with magic. The Industrial revolution feeling really isn't fitting well with the first game, and it makes some other attributes seem forced. I'm just speaking for myself here, but the franchise caught me with the Guild hall, the world of powerful heroes and beasties, and the fact that the guild hall offered you the chance to be good or evil on your own volition. The first game Gave you nothing but choices, even in the main storyline. You could kill or spare twinblade, protect or attack the farms, kill whisper or save her, it maintained forwards plot momentum without limiting you to following their expected step by step story. The next 2 games did not have this aspect, and I feel that that is one of the biggest downfalls of the sequels. Being the Only hero who can save the day was also a bad direction. Having Thunder around gave you a reason to feel competitive with your hero.
  • aaron-mcleod - November 27, 2012 10:53 a.m.

    Personally I feel that Fable 3 was good, but that Fable 2 is the superior game. It was funnier, had more engaging gameplay, more RPG elements and was more open world than Fable 3 even though it was still rather linear. I do want to see Fable 4 as an open world, with more emphasis on melee combat, but still keeping the guns as an option if needed. Maybe to make the guns more relevant, they could have pistol duels with someone who wants to challenge you or someone who you've wronged. And maybe bring actual weapon customization instead of the "morphing weapons" from Fable 3. That was a huge disappointment. More character customization, like facial features and hair styles that you can choose at the beginning of the game, but still be able to change hair styles if you want. Better tattoos (just a small thing that was something I was disappointed about in Fable 3) and maybe some clothing or armor that actually makes a difference in combat, but also affects how people think of you, either good, bad, pretty or ugly. Also, fix the character morphing. My biggest problem in Fable 2 and 3 (I have yet to play the first one) is the way your character changes over time. In Fable 2, my character looks ugly after being at the Spire for 10 years. In Fable 3, my character doesn't even look human because of the little symbol things around his eyes and the shading around his eyes because I chose to be good. As for RPG elements, bring back the experience system from Fable 2, bring back magic favorites from the original fable like healing. Also, they should actually make us die in combat. I like the scar system, and after we die, we can still have a scar after we load a save, but we shouldn't be revived right after we've lost all our health. Also they should let us choose the expressions for people instead of they choose the expressions for us like Fable 3. I am a guy and I don't want to dance with another guy just to be his friend. The game should have a much more engaging story, surpassing the one in Fable 2, but keeping the cut scenes of Fable 3. The game should also be longer. I don't want to beat the game in 1-2 days. I want to beat it in a week or maybe even longer. There should also be more vairety in weapons, armor/clothes, enemies and NPC's. I also liked the idea of being King/Queen, but in order for that to work, they need to expand on it and give it more purpose other than just being some tacked on feature near the end. Finally the last three things I feel should be in Fable 4...Relationships with someone in the game shouldn't be so easy to do. Depending on the character or NPC, there should be a lot more effort and motivation to actually make us want to marry them ingame, along with a much bigger bond with your children if you have them. Second, the humor needs to come back. Fable 3 was funny from time to time, but Fable 2 was much funnier. If they can surpass Fable 2's humor, then the Fable series could become one of the funniest game series out there. And finally, they should give us fun and interesting boss battles. I was extremely dissapointed with the "Kinda sorta not boss battle" in Fable 2. I wanted to duel Lucien and get my revenge for my family, my sister and my dog by staring into his eyes as I plunged my sword into his heart. But instead I just shoot him, or Reaver shoots him if I don't. (PS. they make Reaver have a bigger purpose in the story, maybe even a villain). With all of these, I feel that Fable 4 could turn the fable series around and help it better compete with the competition. I want this series to work, but there's needs to be time and effort actually put into it for that to happen.
  • werewolfman007 - December 1, 2012 11:47 a.m.

    what i would love to see in a new fable game would be some kind of crafting system where you would need special items to make your own weapons, potions, and magic spells
  • samuel-keith - December 3, 2012 9:53 p.m.

    I agree with djbeast, if Lionhead wants to "rock-socks" with the next fable, they should include all of those things. I also think they should update the real-estate element like hearthfire mod in skyrim where you buy land and build your house from the ground up. Another thing they should improve is making the jobs a bit more lucrative, unless you fully commit to the jobs for the first few hours of gameplay, they are almost the worst way to make quick gold. Also they should stick to the leveling schematic from the second fable (actual experience points) rather than "collecting guild seals." Instead of one guild location, there should a few guilds spread across Albion rather than one remote location that seems to be underground as of late. I also think they should implement a dialogue cinematic that is similar to Mass Effect rather than JUST two choices and your character recently having a voice. And they should expand the entire character customization aspect completely, as in better tattoos, more weapon types, more armor types, better hairstyles, weapon crafting, armor crafting, as well as almost full body character customization. They should also bring back the principle of getting paid for doing quests (i was disappointed that really the only use that gold had in Fable 3 was for the end of the game where you have to save money to save people). But they should keep the toony graphics. I also believe that they should include and improve unarmed combat. And the one thing we can all agree on is to see a better co-op experience; I'm not completely convinced on the whole MMO pitch but i do think there should be something like 8 player PvP where, like i said earlier about multiple guild locations, i think that for online play, they should expand Albion's borders and let the players make their own "guilds", and let them either team up to complete objectives like dungeons or fight other guilds. That would get Fable not only high reviews as an RPG but also as a Multiplayer game, because that is the big thing with games now is being able to play with ALL of your friends one way or another (this may bring back fans who strayed away because of Fable Heroes and "the journey"). But mainly lionhead should have a sort of "suggestion box" type deal on their website for ideas from the players for the next game, only then will us fans think our opinions are heard and taken seriously...
  • samuel-keith - December 3, 2012 10:06 p.m.

    Oh I also think that lionhead should do what 343 did with Halo Combat evolved (basically, remake Fable: The Lost Chapters, but with Fable 3 graphics). Because lets be honest here who still gets nostalgic and plays the first Fable
  • VoxeyLady - January 1, 2013 6:32 a.m.

    Don't abandon the female player like you did in The Journey. Keep it a nameless customizable character like in 2 and 3. I DO like that she had dialogue in Fable 3 though. It seems odd how she would never talk in 2 when everybody else did.... and remained silent even when directly asked a question. Keep the hero dialogue! I agree about making it an open environment. That'd definitely be a plus. NO DON'T MAKE IT AN MMORPG!! PLEASE NO! That would totally ruin it. The whole idea that there's just... multiple heros everywhere doing all the same quests you're doing is just stupid and ruins it. How am I supposed to believe that this person needs ME to do this thing when... I can see twelve other people approaching the door ready to do the same task? Also I don't wanna have people coming on there, player killing and calling everyone else "GAY" PLEASE DON'T COMPLETELY RUIN THIS WONDERFUL WORLD BY TURNING IT INTO THAT!
  • Zootfinkle-Magoo - March 3, 2013 10:29 p.m.

    I signed up today just to comment on this duscussion. Fortunately obtaining this awesome username. But back to the topic. I would very much love to see the heros come back to the Albion. The past 2 games, Fable 2, 3 (I'm not sure about Fable: The Journey) there have been very few heros. I understand that the blood of the heros are nearly extinct, but I think it woud be amazing to bring them back in great abundance. Let's see some interesting characters who have the hero blood within them. Maybe we are a hero which helps initiate many peoples "hero blood" in other npc's and in turn creating the new hero's guild? (possibly have a hero npc as the new companion? istead of the dog) Or maybe further ahead in time where there are many heros like in the original Fable, with shifty characters and plot twists like Maze and his betrayal in The Lost Chapters. Lionhead could also make use of the idea where guns are now contraband (for inbalancing the world because past heros abused them too much eg. Fable 3). While using one, each kill with a gun gives you evil points. Being loud, uncaring of who notices and a symbol of corruption. While bows are acceptable in society, earn you good points, being silent and a tribute to the old ages of the first heros guild. Crossbows, being nuetral and a cross between the two, for those who don't want their allignment affected during combat, don't affect your allignment at all. There should be mass and equal variations between each class of ranged weapons. Maybe more classes if people have any better ideas. But I would love to have a bow again. I feel like these suggestions could be used to be put within the lore, giving it hevier story, if Lionhead decides on expanding the lore, while explaining the mechanics of the past and current game without the need of a PDA post/vlog or otherwise, but instead implementing it into the game itself.
  • Sekitofa - March 29, 2013 12:14 a.m.

    I would very much like to see a more interesting story/twist/setting than the last three released Fable titles(2, 3, and The Journey). Something that I would like to see is the Old Kingdom before it collapsed. Like around the time where William defeated the Queen and those other two including the infamous Jack of Blades. I would like to see it take place in a time before or after he became the first Archon. The idea of the those kingdom walls kept its citizens safe from the outside dangers and how that era thrived on the power of will sounds intriguing. Personally, the more the timeline progresses farther into the future(closer to our modern present) bores me to no end. Now my reason for this, because due to Fable lore, the Heroes are almost gone! I want the Heroes brought back! There are quests for Heroes to run errands for the townsfolk, but I would much rather take a quest to fight off like... I don't know a new spooky opponent such as vampires raiding a village? I want to fight in a large scale battle and in multiple badass boss battles! And by God, make the final boss battles MUCH MORE OF A FIGHT. The Sanctuary to me was useless... If the graphic interface was like Fable 1 with concept art and our PC model in the clothing sub category is fine with me... 3D weapon models in simple menus are fine with me. The Sanctuary to me was just a bit too much. Character customization needs to be improved. As mentioned earlier, customizations doesn't have to be limited to dyes. Let us have the option to wear spikes, chains, belts, sheathes(worn to the side or back etc.) and the weapons and spells we are given are being limited drastically through each release. Bring back the bows and introduce new types of weapons such as staffs as already mentioned. Lances, spears, longswords, halberds, axes... I'd like to see a variety in the types of weapons in future titles. And bring back all the spells you stripped since Fable 1!!! How many spells were in Fable 3? Like six spells? I prefer to be a wizard most of the time. This franchise is pretty much dead in the soil... But it can so much more. As a long time loyal fan, I and MANY more would like to see Fable make a comeback. It can be so much more promising and successful... well let's wait and see what will be released, let's hope it's a comeback :)
  • Beatty003 - April 20, 2013 5:13 p.m.

    I thought it would be cool to have a Fable game start out in modern times with technology and have Albion completely forgotten about. The main character would be visited by Theresa and told that he/she is the last remaining descendant of the hero bloodline and the world he/she knows is a lie because time has been altered with. It's your job to go back in time to the time of the first hero and make sure you put things "back in place" undetected. The more of the past you correct, the more it changes the present state of the world you know and it slowly turns back into Albion. The "new" Albion could also bring back the guild and new quests in order to defeat the main villain who altered time in the beginning...I know it's different (and would never happen) but I thought it'd be a cool idea.
  • Drggrayson - March 31, 2013 8:12 p.m.

    I like the ideas that are written under me especially about going back to see William battle the Queen, and i liked the idea about making the heroes come back, and making a new heroes guild. Personally i loved Fable: The lost Chapters, mainly because my favorite gaming villain is Jack of Blades, but I want to see him come back because i know you throw the mask into the lava and that's apparently that, but why not bring him back. I don't know why fable 3 didn't carry on with what Fable 2 did at the end, because i'm pretty sure if you take one path you receive a letter from your sister stating that she is alive and that she is with, what i can only suspect to be William (Scythe), he is also mentioned in Fable 3, stating that one day he will return. But to learn more about the history behind; Scythe, The void, Jack and The whole court for that matter would be a good way to improve because there is a huge story behind the world of Fable and to see it come out would be awesome, but like i said this is my personal opinion. I also completely agree with more magic in it because in Fable 1 again there where so many good spells that have gone to waste, so bringing some of them back would be a lot better because what you get left with now are very little spells and on top of that they are fired from a gauntlet which kind of takes away the whole idea of it.
  • chris-murphy - April 12, 2013 10:59 p.m.

    I think that it would be interesting to play as someone OTHER THAN the prince, princess or king. This would allow multiple players (*online) to interact with one another in a grand Fable world without interfering with one another's storyline. The "end" of the game could have our character advance as "king" or "queen," but by starting out and maintaining a position as a pauper, common person or even a knight would offer some interesting co-op and interaction possibilities.
  • hahagirl727 - April 24, 2013 9:27 p.m.

    I think time travel sounds really, really cool if they pull it off. We could not only see our old Heroes, but also see other heroes in the past. Maybe see Garth before he became the Master of Will or see Reaver before the destruction of Oakvale. I really hope they don't abandon the Fable series because I think with some work these games can be truly great. All my other requests were covered by the comments and this article
  • karen-nym - May 5, 2013 4:43 p.m.

    Magic was the most powerful attack in the game, not guns.

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