Fable 2

Alongside the issues of raising children and contraception are a number of slightly less complex ideas including buying property to unlock extra content and “constrained combat” - which simply means not being able to swing your sword where there’s a wall in the way. And in an idea “borrowed” from King Kong (of all games) all the usual onscreen elements of the HUD, hit points and tutorials will be hidden, with all the information that a player needs, given through sound, speech or a character’s reaction. And the final “big idea” is one so bold and/or crazy that even mouthy Molyneux himself won’t reveal it to the world quite yet.

Whatever comes of these no doubt ambitious and no doubt (in some cases) mildly ludicrous ideas, at least with the Havok engine onboard, if the kids fail to show you love you can bounce a barrel off their heads, safe in the knowledge that it will behave in a convincing way as it compresses their skull into wallpaper paste. Bonus.