E3 06: Enchanted Arms

Since the story and the gameplay revolve around golems, you'd expect that you have a fine degree of dominion over them. In fact, you can build golems from elements you find throughout the game, and there are more than 75 different ones for you to control. Once you get your party ready, you can mix and match golems and humans as you see fit - Astuma is the only constant. Since your golems can raise levels and become more powerful just as the human characters can, you won't have to worry about being dragged down by a party full of lame creations.

Let's be honest. Enchanted Arms doesn't look like a particularly original or innovative RPG. But it does look as if the creators have put together readymade pieces in a competent way. The only big question right now, based on our time with the demo, is the story - what we've heard so far sounds so typical it's hard to feel one way or the other about it. If the characterization ends up being interesting, then this could be a great adventure; if it's dull and boring, the game will fall on its face. We'll look expectantly to the final version of the game to figure these things out. For now, we can be sure that this game shows some promise. We just can't see whether or not there are potholes in the road ahead.