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Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 review

Just enough improvements to be slightly better than the original

Unfortunately, a few of the annoyances from the first DW PSP game have also carried over. The camera angle and positioning of your warrior makes it difficult to see opponents who are not directly in front of you, forcing you to rely on the mini area map to avoid opponents sneaking up to get in a few cheap, game-ending hits.

Winning every battle also does not guarantee your domination of the entire region. Go your own way on the larger map or help the wrong ally and your opponents may simply pick an alternate route of destruction or your timed supplies may unexpectedly run out.

More Info

DescriptionA nearly identical but slightly more fun cousin to volume one, this portable hack-and-slash game has all the usual sword-slashing action, fantastic attacks and repetitive button mashing.
Franchise nameDynasty Warriors
UK franchise nameDynasty Warriors
US censor ratingTeen
Release date24 October 2006 (US), 24 October 2006 (UK)