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DRIV3R review

Bright lights, big cities, and not much else


  • Big
  • detailed clockwork cities
  • Great-looking visuals
  • Free Ride mode lets you explore


  • Inconsistently demanding difficulty
  • It's way too easy to "lose" chase targets
  • Cell phone version is actually the best

Despite the ongoing rivalry between the two series, Atari’s DRIV3R is to Grand Theft Auto what Avril Lavigne is to the Sex Pistols: a slick knockoff that copies the form, but not the substance, of the original.

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DescriptionIt's hard to stay focused on the guy you're chasing when small bumps send your car into a spin.
PlatformPC, Xbox, PS2
US censor ratingMature
Release date21 June 2004 (US), 21 June 2004 (UK)


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