Doctor Who

Jan 2, 2008

Who has two hearts, ten faces and a screwdriver that could give your Wii a run for its money? That’s right we’re talking Doctor Who and the good news is the snappily dressed Time Lord will star in his own videogame next spring.

The game is being developed by Eidos with help from Top Trumps, using the classic card game as its template. The aim of each round is to outwit your opponent using memory, chance and your knowledge of the deck. As you progress, ability cards can be unlocked to give you the edge in battle by revealing your opponent's cards or boosting your hand. But this isn’t your average game of Snap as the developers reckon that the tactical nature of the game could mean tougher opponents will slug it out during rounds as long as 15 minutes.

In addition to the traditional card gaming elements, the developers have included minigames that require feats of memory and observation. Success will allow you to tip the balance in the next round by swiping one of your opponent’s cards. Further fanboy thrills are to be had winning and collecting 38 cards for storage in the TARDIS’ data banks. Each of these collectibles profiles a character from the series complete with images from the live-action show.

Style-wise, the developers have drawn heavily from the series and fans will recognise a multitude of characters, the famous theme tune and sound effects from the show. Visually it borrows from The Infinite Quest, a stunningly animated Doctor Who serial from this year's Totally Doctor Who series (from Children's British Broadcasting Corporation).

While this isn’t the Mass Effect style romp we might have hoped for, we reckon the Doctor's console debut will be fun, addictive and deceptively deep. Just like the TV series...


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