Dead Island: Riptide gets killer underwater stealth zombies

Submerged shamblers set to make life tricky. And brief

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Floating mines made out of the lurking undead, anyone? Dead Island's undead undesirables are getting a tad more devious in the upcoming sequel, Dead Island Riptide, by way of some subaquatic sneaking skills.

The first game's line-up of charging, spitting, exploding undead is to be joined by the new Drowner zombie type in the monsoon-drenched sequel; a submerged shambler with the inconvenient habit of hiding below the surface in order to drag the unwary to a watery (and bloody) grave.

Fear not though, as the player's combat abilities look to be getting a serious overhaul too. Aside from the previously announced defense hub mechanics (Imagine small pockets of CoD Zombies' seige gameplay dotted throughout the open world), there are also new death-from-above drop attacks with which to split zombie skulls. Apparently gunplay has also been greatly upgraded. Where the first game was a predominantly melee-based affair, we're told that this time round firearms will be a much more viable option.

Dead Island Riptide is due out in late April. All being well we should have a hands-on ready for you next week.


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