De Blob - multiplayer hands-on

The only real drawback we saw to anything in multiplayer was the lack of any kind of radar. In painting free-for-alls like Paint Match, this doesn’t really matter, but in de Blob on the Run and Blob Race, the only things you really have to go on are the paint trails of your opponents and frantically rotating the camera with the D-pad (which is time-consuming and awkward), to try and look down certain angles for your objective. Give us a directional arrow at least, developers!

THQ also showed off a single-player mode called Sprint Levels. These are areas where de Blob has to follow a certain path marked by color flares, painting as he goes along- and this gets a lot harder than it sounds come The Tower at the end.

Above: The Tower gets crazy-hard towards the top

De Blob doesn’t hit the shelves until late September, but we are already so in love with this game. From it’s super-cute look to it’s slick design (and did we mention the awesome multiplayer), this game has got the goods the Wii so desperately needs. As THQ CEO Brian Farrell says: “It just feels good to play!”

To find out more about de Blob’s control scheme and interesting history as a champion of urban redevelopment, check out ourpreviews sectionand check back in September for our review.

April 4, 2008