Darksiders II: New screens pit Death against... the dead

THQ has dropped a few new screenshots from 2012's apocalyptic action-adventure, Darksiders 2. The new images pit the title's hero, Death, against the skeletal minions of the King of the Dead, which is sort of like an action movie where the hero gets sent to prison with all the vengeful lowlives he sent behind bars. Hopefully in this case, though, there's a much higher quotient of rickety bone-clanking type noises and copious overuse of the phrase “boogedy-boo!”, these being the things we all know skeletons like best.

Above: The King of the Dead eyes Death's sweet tribal tats enviously. Skeletons can't get inked – that's one of the main reasons they're so angry

Above: As everyone knows, skeletons can be dispatched with a handful of pumpkin-candies; foes like this unsightly fellow require the use of meatier weapons, such as this axe Death looks to have borrowed from an '80s heavy-metal band

Above: A better look at the realm of the dead, which we earnestly hope you won't see any more of until many years from now when you've long escaped our advertisers' target demographics

Darksiders IIs still just under a year away – the game's still on track for a June release – but the teaser campaign is heating up with plenty of elements from the sequel. What would you like to see next? More skeletons?

Aug 18, 2011