Darksiders II gets extended trailer and new screens

When we last heard from THQ's Darksiders 2, the project had little more than a title, a confirmed existence, and a loose plot outline ( the Apocalypse is back on, unless Death can inspire all sorts of debates about the meaning of the word “ironic” by saving everyone's lives). Now the title's got confirmation for Wii U as well as the usual platforms, and has got a lengthy trailer showing off the spritely Death. There's also a batch of new screens, allowing you to decide for yourself whether the character puts you more in mind of Kratos or Sting from the WCW.

Detailing Death's exploration of the infernal conspiracy that gave rise to the first game's events, the new trailer makes no secret of Darksiders 2's influences – besides looking to add to the always-enjoyable ranks of the “a bit like God of War” genre, Darksiders 2 appears to provide a comprehensive, playable tour through every single heavy metal album cover of the 1980s – which is a welcome thing for a game to do indeed.

Darksiders' 2012 release ought to provide that year with a welcome dose of apocalyptic excitement – what do you think of the new trailer and screens?

Jul 19, 2011