Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars

We have to say, it’s almost physically impossible to dislike Crazy Taxi. How can anyone not enjoy a game that lets you drive a yellow cab insanely fast, fly off ramps and smash through anything that gets in your way all in the name of ferrying your terrified passengers to their destinations on time so you get paid? If this is the kind of death-defying stuff taxi drivers go through every day, it’s no wonder their cabs smell quite so rank.

The series is an ideal fit for both the small screen and the throwaway nature of PSP gaming. A perfect port of the first two Dreamcast games, Fare Wars lets you select which game you want to play and then recreates each one perfectly with the added bonus of a competitive or co-op multiplayer mode. You can do all sorts of cunning stuff like slowing a rival’s fare delivery time and stealing passengers by ramming their car. If all of your friends are poor, there’s also a turn-based mode using one PSP. Even that’s great fun, so you don’t even need two PSPs.


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