Command & Conquer 3 - mega interview

Now is a very good time to be a fan of real time strategy. With top tier titles hitting the market faster than our hard drives can keep up with them, we've entered a golden age for the RTS genre. But no matter how deep Supreme Commander, or how authentic Company of Heroes, one franchise has the potential to overshadow all newcomers in name alone... Command & Conquer.

Earlier this week, while attending the launch party for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars on PC, we managed to corner three of the creative minds behind this highly anticipated sequel. With the game less than a week away, we wanted to know everything.

Why return to the classic "Tiberium universe" now? What's different, and what's the same, about GDI and Nod? Does one side represent the USA and one side terrorists? What's the story behind the new, extraterrestrial third faction? How do you cast retro live-action cutscenes? No, seriously... Lando Calrissian and Sawyer? And, finally, what does separate this old-school series from its shiny new competitors?

For a peek at what they had to say, as well as brand new gameplay footage, check out the video below. For the full interview, with more comprehensive answers, head to the next page tab.


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