Burnout Dominator - hands-on

We crank the nitrous for an extended run through this speed-centric wreckfest

It'll be missed, but Dominator makes up for it - sort of - with a pure sensation of breakneck speed. The idea here is to get you going really, really fast and build up some tension as you narrowly squeeze past hazards at hundreds of miles per hour. It's a pretty smooth ride, and from the half-hour or so we spent hogging the game at a recent event, we can tell you it's shaping up to be as intense and addictive as any of the other games in the series.

With that in mind, Dominator brings back the actual "Burnouts," last seen in Burnout 2. The way these work is that, once you've filled up your turbo meter by doing crazy stuff, you'll get even more boost if you can empty it out in one, crash-free burst. And if you do risky stuff while boosting - like driving in the opposing lane, drifting around turns, getting air or scraping past cars - you can actually chain your Burnouts together into one long blast.

All that comes into play in the new Maniac Mode, where you'll be tasked with doing as many reckless stunts as possible within a set time limit. Work up a high enough score by driving like a complete ass, and you'll come away a winner.


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