BioShock Infinite – what we want to see

Even if it doesn’t deign to give us vehicles, there’s still the potential for some interesting ways to get around Columbia. We’ve already been shown a wrist-mounted device Booker can use to whisk along Columbia’s elevated, rollercoaster-like Skyline tracks, so it’s not too big a stretch to imagine a hookshot-like device for crossing huge chasms, a Just Cause 2-style grappling hook, or even a clunky brass jetpack or man-sized hot-air balloon for limited flight (or at the very least for saving your own ass when you inevitably plummet off a ledge).

Above: It’s not as cool if an old guy is using it

Assuming these things could be implemented without destroying BioShock’s lumbering, methodical pace, that kind of maneuverability wouldn’t just open up possibilities that were previously alien to the BioShock universe. It could introduce all sorts of new puzzles, ways to explore seemingly inaccessible areas or even a Metroid-like progression through an open hub area. Not to mention enabling creative new ways to outwit and kill more powerful enemies.

Above: C’mon, all the other shooters are getting jetpacks!