BioShock 2: GamesRadar reader response

Bossco says: I desperatley want BioShock 2 to be as good and as inventive as the original but I know it wont be. I will still buy it though as it will probably be a decent shooter.

I say: You see this is the thing. Despite my steadfast anti-BioShock 2 stance right now, I don’t actually think it’ll be a genuinely bad game. But even ignoring the creative impact BioShock made, do we really need just another decent shooter?

Gotxxrock says: I worry the lack of Andrew Ryan will make BioShock lose its cool "Atlas Shrugged Underwater" theme. I loved the ideas that the backstory took from Ayn Rand's masterpiece, and to see that possibly erode from the game is just scary.

crabbo says:
It truly is sad, that we live in a world where, money is our highest priority. We throw away our integrity, and uniqueness in the pursuit. BioShock 2 has some interesting concepts, but overall it seems like nothing more than a "cash in" on the franchise kind of deal.

I'm intrigued by some of the concepts, but I'm absolutely loathing the results.

TheHonorableReverendHobo says: The thing that makes me the most angry is the incredibly stupid "Big Sister".

Big Daddies were BIG for a reason. They were faceless killing machines that made you tremble at the prospect of killing one. And the fact that they were docile until you attacked them, thus releasing an unstoppable force, made you think twice. Like charging a tank that doesn't see you with a pop-gun.

Making a female Big "Daddy" that's capable of jumping around like a long jumper on crack soils the whole feeling. Fighting a small, agile, yet strong enemy isn't frightening, it's irritating. just look at Wesker from RE5.

I say: You read my mind. Aside from the horribly twee “subversion” of the Big Daddy concept in the BS, I just can’t see her having the same dramatic impact. Not only was every Big Daddy fight loaded with the knowledge that any beating you took was your own damn fault, but there was a massive, Shadow of the Colossus-style, sense of guilt to be had by attacking those mournful, lumbering protectors.

Ravenbom says: The one thing you didn't mention that really infuriates me is the multiplayer addition. BioShock, more than a lot of series, was a really complete single player experience, and doesn't benefit from multiplayer.

Just like Shadow of the Colossus didn't need a multiplayer deathmatch of horseback archery to make it a more complete package. It already was a complete, fulfilling experience that didn't need to have a diluted multiplayer tacked on.

The other point is: There is ONE better sequel to Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, which is more than just mechanical repetition of Secret of Mana.

I say: The current obsession with adapting everything to multiplayer is a pet peev of mine too. I love a good online session as much as anyone, but some experiences just don’t suit it. But I’m not everyone. How many of you guys did think that the first game was missing a bit of online action?

By the way, I tried Seiken Densetsu 3 a few years ago. It was really well made, and one of the most gorgeous-looking and sounding games on the SNES, but something about it just didn’t grab me the same way Densetsu 2 did. I might give it another go soon though, now that you’ve re-recommended it.

NipplesTheSuperHippo says:
I just read on giant bomb that multiplayer has been announced, that might make or break Bioshock 2. Oh well, still too early to tell ;)

I say: So what do you all think of the multiplayer, now that the actual details have been announced?

timp123 says: This article was obviously done to generate controversy. I really don't think David agrees with what he is saying.

I say: I can totally understand why you might suspect that, but the fact is that I honestly am 100% genuine with every sentiment on this one. Just ask Matt and Justin. They’ve had to put up with my indignant wailing over Bioshock 2 for months now. Their ears bleed sometimes.

BigBossOSE says:
2K: Mr. Houghton?
H: Yes, your honor?
2K: That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought out objection.
H: Thank you, your honor.
2K: Overruled.

TRAVthe3RD says: I was excited about a sequel. Now im dead inside.

GoldenMe says: Oh you brits. Always wanting to argue.

I say: No we’re not.

throughironsights says: Is it just me or do all game critics from the UK love to be pessimist assholes?

I say:
It’s just you. We don’t love anything.

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