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Animal Crossing: Wild World review

Awesome! A game that punishes you for not playing it every single day of the week!

Other than the addition of online play, this idea's been done before (on the GameCube) and guess what? It's mostly been done better. The game doesn't look or run as smooth as the GameCube version and overall this is basically the same game we played in 2002. The furry/scaly/slimy inhabitants of your town never visit the museum, coffee shop or any of the buildings. There should be a better sense of community, not more regurgitated dialogue and fossil hunting. And what's with the fish? The damn things swim right along the shore, often too close to cast a reel before they change position again.

The move to DS almost necessitates use of the touch screen, but Wild World has GameCube genes and doesn't use it as effectively as it could. For example, anytime you want to switch items (shovel, butterfly net, etc.) you have to pause, select the item and drag it over to the "equip" slot. There are no quick-equip buttons to skip this. Meanwhile the game continues on the top screen while you're slogging through the menu. Why not leave gameplay on top and menus on the bottom? Boom, instant access to inventory.

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DescriptionThe near infinite amount of personalization makes it easy to get sucked up in this super cute, if familiar, world.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date5 December 2005 (US), 31 March 2006 (UK)