Cloud and Bayonetta amiibo are about to battle for your shelf space

Wave 2

This wave of Animal Crossing figures means an impressive population boom for any collector's village. With bedrock characters like Isabelle, K.K., and Tom Nook introduced the first time around, this wave focuses more on small-time, equally beloved characters who keep the world of Animal Crossing rolling in quieter ways.


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Release date: January 22, 2016 (US)


The perpetually sleepy museum manager in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Blathers manages to keep the place running and donations rolling in despite sleeping on the job. Not even his deep-seated fear of bugs (which represent a big chunk of the items you can donate) stops him from keeping things in tip-top shape, so a nap can be forgiven now and then. Probably not wise to keep this amiibo near at your desk at work, though. It might rub off on you.


Celeste is Blathers' cheerier and even sleepier little sister. While she takes care of the the observatory in Animal Crossing: City Folk, helping players design and observe constellations, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, she's moved on to managing the museum gift shop. Maybe the stars weren't keeping this nocturnal girl as awake as she'd hoped.


This amiibo doesn't totally capture Resetti's personality - I always picture him looking ten seconds and one reset away from a rage-induced heart attack - but I suppose it'll do. The appropriately named reset-supervisor, Resetti is best known for dramatically losing his cool if you reset your game too much, and yelling at you if you dare to look sideways at that power button. This Resetti probably won't be yelling much, though. He looks more like the silent glowering type.


I feel like this amiibo of Kicks - Animal Crossing's foremost shoe expert - could easily come packaged with some sort of Nintendo-branded shoe polish. There's a market for that, right? Or maybe not, as Kicks quits the shoe-shining business after City Folk and opens up his own shoe shop in New Leaf. Either way, you'll definitely get a kick out of this shoe-loving amiibo - not sorry.