Aliens: Colonial Marines review

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  • pl4y4h - February 12, 2013 10:49 a.m.

    Angry Joe's gonna be pissed lol cant wait for the video
  • michael-danthon - February 12, 2013 10:39 a.m.

    Damn that bad huh..good thing i didn't buy it
  • Pruman - February 12, 2013 9:04 a.m.

    Well that's too bad. The huge display at PAX East had me all fired up for this one. Game over, man...
  • ObliqueZombie - February 12, 2013 8:37 a.m.

    I had a strong feeling about this. The in-game trailers looked dull, to say the least. Will we never get a good Aliens game?
  • hardofhearing - February 12, 2013 9:09 a.m.

    Aliens Versus Predator Gold - Released in 2000
  • ObliqueZombie - February 12, 2013 10:06 a.m.

    I've heard great things about that,
  • FOZ - February 12, 2013 7:07 a.m.

    Alien was directed by Ridley Scott, so they shouldn't be called "James Cameron's films"
  • tiederian - February 12, 2013 10:31 a.m.

    Well yes, that is true, but they are talking about "Aliens". The 2nd film. Which was directed by James Cameron.
  • Tjwoods18 - February 12, 2013 5:55 a.m.

    Makes you gasp in disappointment that a game developer like gearbox , the masterminds behind borderlands, could create something like Aliens Colonial Marines. This proves that long development times do not necessarily equate a better gaming experience.
  • BladedFalcon - February 12, 2013 9 a.m. needed extra proof other than Duke Nukem Forever?
  • BladedFalcon - February 12, 2013 5:18 a.m.

    Hadn't really commented about this game for a reason, ever since I saw the trailers or gameplay sessions, it looked pretty generic to me, so I guess I was right in being so uninterested XD
  • The_Ouroboros - July 23, 2013 7:15 p.m.

    This right here. I'd wanted to be excited since I used to love AVP2, but after the initial gameplay trailer, I sighed and knew my money could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Hobogonigal - February 12, 2013 5:15 a.m.

    I thought that Gearbox stuffed up Duke Nukem Forever due to its development time and being handed from developer to developer. But maybe this actually is the best that they can do... What a shame, I was interested in the co-op mode of this game...
  • taokaka - February 12, 2013 8:12 a.m.

    Well aliens: colonial marines has hardly had a swift development, the game started development in 2006. However I agree with your general statement, I assume borderlands was a total fluke by gearbox.
  • BottleBank - February 12, 2013 3:21 a.m.

    If i hadn't seen the score, i'd assume this game was getting less than 2.5 stars. The text describes it as a bad game, and yet the score says its average.
  • JimmyP91 - February 12, 2013 8:16 a.m.

    IDK, from the reading the review I got the idea that is completely and totally average. It's not a completely broken mess or an insufferably infuriating game to play. It's just your average, boring, 5 hour long middle of the pack shooter. There's nothing wrong with it to say, just not a lot good about it either.
  • archnite - February 12, 2013 11:59 a.m.

    Yeah, it seems we may have lost sight in understanding the difference between good and bad has a middle ground in average. But when developers spend years and millions on a game and expect you to spend 60 and 5 hours its better to understand things in absolutes.
  • winner2 - February 12, 2013 3:20 a.m.

    Son of a bitch gearbox.
  • Child Of Death - February 12, 2013 2:11 a.m.

    Well.... with the exception of Dead Space 3 this year of gaming is off to a bad start.
  • Streety519a - February 12, 2013 8:36 a.m.

    I'm still optimistic, Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear, new Gears and The Last of Us are all to come out within the next few months. I personally think DmC was excellent. But man.................. I was so looking forward to Aliens.

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Release date: Feb 12 2013 - PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, PC (US)
Available Platforms: PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, PC
Genre: Action
Published by: Sega
Developed by: Gearbox
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