5 things you'll hate about Ratchet & Clank Future

5. Your old weapons are gone for good
If you were hoping to port over your old PS2 Ratchet saves and unlock your arsenal from the first three games, we have some bad news: that tradition ended with Ratchet: Deadlocked. The real reason the feature was scrapped, however, was that the designers would have had to either bring over the old, low-res weapons - which would have looked weird and out of place on the PS3 - or redesign them entirely, thereby wasting valuable time that could be spent coming up with newer, more interesting weapons. Goodbye, Lava Gun and Sheepinator; you'll be missed.

Are you fired up yet? Ready to go and angrily tell the Internet how much we suck? Good. Here are three things we really, really liked about Ratchet & Clank Future, and we think you will, too:

1. Everything dances. Everything.
Of all the stuff we've seen while playing Ratchet & Clank Future, the Groovinator is easily the most entertaining. It's also an essential combat tool: toss out one of these disco-ball grenades, and every nearby enemy will be effectively paralyzed as they perform some of the finest synchronized dance routines the '70s had to offer. And from the tiniest Drophyd fish-creature to the biggest horned T-Rex stomping around the swamp planet Sargasso, they'll all put on unique, entertaining dances, daring you to stop and watch instead of just blowing them away.

This is even cooler when you use it in conjunction with the Transmorpher gun, which turns any foes it hits into adorable penguins, complete with little top hats, scarves and earmuffs. They're awful cute as they dance around with their stiff little wings, and apparently huge enemies won't lose their size if they're transformed - meaning that you can make colossal, achingly cute penguins dance to disco loops. How can you resist?

Interestingly, dance also factors into one of the R&C Future's minigames, in which you'll have to dress up like a short, one-legged robotic space pirate (the disguise comes complete with an "Arrr!" button), and dance a pirate jig to get through certain doors. This really just amounts to hitting a direction on cue a la Simon Says, but it's still a neat addition.