5 Films That Could Now Win An Oscar


Every year it’s the same. The Oscar nominations are announced and some of our favourite flicks don’t make the cut.

This year, it was The Dark Knight and Wall-E. Next year, we expected Avatar and Up to dodge the recognition trophy.

Well, worry no more. The following five movies look certain to benefit from the rule-change that doubles the list of flicks eligible for the greatest prize in Hollywood.


Why It Wasn’t A Contender

Oscar has an awkward relationship with fanboy friendly flicks.

They’re usually treated like an ugly prom date, shoved onto the geek table (Visual Effects) and ignored for the rest of the night.

But Avatar looks set to be the geek that gets the girl (golden man) in 2010.

Why It Is Now

Avatar was always on the fringes of Oscar contention – it seemed too ground-breaking, too incredible to ignore.

But when the greatest geek flick of last year The Dark Knight got shunned by the Academy for being too brilliant (probably), we assumed that Cameron would be treated with the same contempt.

Now there are ten spaces to fill, if Cameron doesn’t get a nod, we’ll actually sue Oscar for professional negligence. And kick him in his golden nuts. In 3D.


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Public Enemies

Why It Wasn’t A Contender

Weirdly, Heat was nominated for more prizes at the Academy Of Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror Films’ in 1996 (one, best supporting actor, Val Kilmer) than it was any Academy Awards.

Yes, Heat didn’t get a single Oscar nod. It’s a disgrace.

If the Academy can ignore the greatest crime flick of the decade, it’s pretty safe to assume they would have ignored Enemies when it came time to cast their ballots.

Why It Is Now

Not anymore. We were already certain there’d be a smattering of Supporting Oscar nods, now we’re prepared to put down money that Mann will be rewarded for more than just his sterling cast.

Next year, expect Mann add nominations to the Most Desireable Male MTV Award nod Val Kilmer got for Heat in '96 (he didn't win). Though we imagine Johnny Depp will be duking it out for that one too.


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Inglourious Basterds

Why It Wasn’t A Contender

From a distance, Basterds is the ideal Best Picture nominee.

It has an ingenious script which plays with codes and conventions of cinema, it has shots that are genuinely beautiful, it has a supporting star who’s guaranteed to be showered with awards from now until March (Christoph Waltz), hell, it’s even a war movie, and Oscar loves his soldiers...

But then the problems kick in. There’s that juvenile title – can you really see that etched at the bottom of a golden boy?

Then there’s all the scalping scenes, the Academy will be reaching for the remote to switch off their preview disc when all that business kicks in.

Oh, yeah, and there’s all that Hitler stuff. That could go either way.

Why It Is Now

It won’t hurt Oscar to shove QT in with nine of his peers, allowing the Academy to ignore the negatives and celebrate the numerous positives at the heart of Tarantino’s return to form.

It’s still got no chance of winning, though.


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Why It Wasn’t A Contender

To their eternal shame, the Academy ha never deemed a Pixar flick as being worthy of the ultimate Oscar accolade.

They’ve traditionally been relegated to the Best Animated Feature Section, which was only invented in 2001.

Oh, or they've been handed made-up prizes, John  Lasseter won a ‘Special Achievement Award’ in 1996 for Toy Story, when it should have been taking home Best Director at the very least.  

Let’s face it, if the hotly tipped Wall-E wasn’t recognised, the chances of the equally incredible Up being the first ‘toon movie to get a nod since Beauty And The Beast were about as likely as Dug the dog being announced as the host of this year’s ceremony.

Why It Is Now

The Academy is officially out of excuses. If Pixar don’t get shortlisted, we’ll tie balloons to our tellies in protest and watch them float away long before the Oscar broadcast.


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The Dark Knight

Why It Wasn’t A Contender

Um, it was out last year.

Why It Is Now

Well, it’s not. But it should be. Oscar should take the opportunity to put right what once went wrong, and give The Dark Knight an honorary nod.

And not just a nod, it should win.

What else are they going to give it to? Watchmen?


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