13-minute featurette for The Dark Knight Rises: watch now

The Dark Knight Rises has released a new, 13-minute featurette featuring interviews with the cast and crew, as well as a few snippets of footage here and there.

It's a fairly comprehensive piece, and without being exactly spoilery, you still might want to avoid it if you're trying to go in fresh. That said, if you've been following the many trailers and TV spots, there's not too much you won't already have seen before…

It's great to get Chris Nolan's take on proceedings, and just seeing him on set, touching up a chalk bat-symbol by hand, feels terribly reassuring that this third film will be able to live up to the two that have gone before.

Take a look at the new featurette, below…

Now if that wasn't enough to get you champing at the bit for the film's official release, we don't know what will. Plus, we absolutely love Tom Hardy's reaction to seeing Christian Bale in this Batman gear. It's how we feel, every time we watch one of these films.

"Some people want to watch the world burn," quotes Hardy. "Well Bane's come to pull the pin on the grenade." The Dark Knight Rises opens in the UK on 20 July 2012.


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