12 tiny details we love in Street Fighter IV

They have nothing to do with the gameplay, but we adore these artistic bits anyway

Giant plane in Africa, Small Airfield level

On a desolate airfield, a plane appears at the far right of the screen and starts rolling slowly across the background from right to left. But it's huge. Seriously, you'll look up 30 seconds later (should you still be alive) and you still haven't seen the tail end of this behemoth. It's just a jet, but it might be the biggest moving object we've ever seen existing for no reason whatsoever in the background of a fighting game.

Chun-Li's laces
Yes, we know we've already had a Chun-Li entry, but as someone here in the office said during the ensuing argument, "Can you ever really have enough Chun-Li?"

Like Ryu's belt, this is simply a small piece of a costume we've seen for years now, but recreated in much higher definition than ever before. In this case, it's Chun-Li's white, lace-up, knee-high boots. You'll get the best look at them when the camera's swinging around during her super-move - hopefully they didn't just connect with your jawbone.

Mar 21, 2008


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