100 Reasons Fanboys Hate Xbox

100 Reasons Fanboys Hate:

Microsoft was already a widely reviled company before it set its sights on the videogame hardware market. Though the Xbox brand has been successful at taking the fight to Sony’s PlayStation products, a seemingly bottomless supply of anti-Microsoft sentiment still exists in the gaming community. We’ve rounded up the one hundred most common reasons why fanboys hate Xbox, and condensed them down to a blistering two minutes of pure, unfettered videographic rage. What’s that, you say? You love your 360? Don’t worry: it’s going to be a long, hate-filled week. Tomorrow we’ll post one hundred reasons why fanboys hate all things PlayStation.  Let the Two Minutes of Hate begin!

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100 Reasons Fanboys Hate Xbox 

2. Overheating
3. Peter Moore tattoos
4. The DUKE
5. Bill Gates
6. Game Fuel Halo 3 drink
7. Mario Lopez w/ Fudgehog
8. Points = $?
9. The Core System 
10. Halo 3 Console: Fugly
11. Army drone w/ 360 controller
12. Blue Dragon on multiple discs
13. Ads in dashboard
14. XBL subsricption fee
15. Generic heroines
16. ilovebees viral marketing
17. Unwanted friend requests
18. AA battery life
19. Halo Overrated
20. Fergie: 340?
21. Halo novelizations
22. Believe fries
23. HDMI only in elite
24. Awful launch game: Azurik
25. DRM issues
26. Broken faceplates
27. First-party sports titles
28. Halo 3 beta download busted
29. Charged for Gears Map Packs (Epic wanted to give them away free!)
30. Japanese Xbox ad
31. Brute Force (the next Halo)
32. PDZ (the next Halo)
33. Halo Wars (the next Halo)
34. Games too testosterone-driven
35. Tork: Xbox's Sonic
36. Xbox Look
37. Xbox Size
38. Xbox Weight
39. Halo 3 LE scratched discs
40. Echo in headset
41. Hip hop halo 3 party
42. Even Halo 3 can't sell Zune
43. Achievement whoring
44. "Bigger than Hollywood"
45. Albert Camus: Your Gamerscore is meaningless
46. 360 Launch Bundles Sucked
47. Xbox must be horizontal
48. 360 must be vertical
49. Xbox power cord fires / recall
50. Viva Pinata TV show
51. Movie download service
52. Max: a robotic man who services Xbox customers
53. 360 Launch Shortages
54. Bought / Ruined RARE
55. Xbox shoes
56. Had to buy Crackdown to get into H3 beta
57. Controller vs mouse
58. Squashed XBMC
59. Japan hates Xbox
60. In-game ads
61. No Beyond Good & Evil on 360
62. No Oddworld Strangers Wrath on 360
63. Spendy Wireless Adapter
64. Xbox shoes
65. Red ring denials
66. Steel Battallion controller
67. The power brick is huge
68. J Allard makeover
69. Vampire Rain
70. XBLA is a dumping ground for shit games
71. Charging for gamerpics
72. HD-DVD drive
73. Sneak King
74. Halo Clans
75. 3 in 360 to catch up to PS3
76. 360 looks like a Dell
77. Over G Fighters
78. Messenger kit
79. Vision Cam
80. Buzz ripoff
81. No one wants PC / 360 head-to-head in ShadowRun
82. Sneakers (TrU exclusive)
83. In-game product placement
84. Too many accessories
85. Paid for GTA IV exclusives
86. Buzzing power brick
87. Community generated content on XBL hasn’t happened
88. One good RPG
89. Too much beefcake (Gears)
90. Launch-day muggings
91. People forget to mute
92. Hex 168 viral ad campaign
93. Text is hard to read in SD
94. Generic Space Marines
95. Cancelled Psychonauts
96. Broken Big Daddy toys
97. Noisy fans
98. 40% FAIL
99. Army recruiters use Halo to recruit cannon fodder
100. Overpriced Launch bundles / life is short, play more ad.

Mar 24, 2008


  • mookazz - November 23, 2008 9:01 a.m.

    Funny, much of these are non issues. Many repeat, others specific to games, not systems. Many occur on ALL systems. Probably less than 8 legit things here. Product placement in game is result of companies making games, not the systems. MS runs dedicated servers to support their onliners, where Sony doesn't.That is why there is a subscription fee. Ultimately xbox offers its gamers far more games, content, accessories, features, everything than the competition, and instead of admitting it, fans of the rest find ways to complain about the stuff their not getting. Some guysaying PS3 is better: "360 has a TON of games, a lot more than PS3; but why is that? Simply, 360 has been out a much longer time than it's rival. It has, over time, amassed many times more games." If you think back, the Original X-box came out after PS2, and had nearly twice the hardware, yet PS2 had more games + more fans, so all the PS fans said ``PS2 is better than X-box`` even though X-box was the superior machine. Now that the 360 has reversed the situation with PS3, the PS fans are now switching their story and saying what all the X-box fans were saying in the past about the Original X-box. X-box being the best at it`s time didn`t help it beat out PS2, and PS3 won`t beat out 360 for the same reason. Same guy earlier: "Some say PS3 has outrageous prices. I say it has extremely low prices. Why? Think of all the power that is contained inside a PS3. Far greater than any 360 ever. It should be MORE expensive (but thank Zeus it's not)." The only reason the PS3 costs more than the 360 is sony is trying to give the illusion that their system is better than the 360 because it costs more , but that is not the case. MS worked with IBM on the 360, so although it is older than PS3, it took PS3 that much longer to come up with a system that could contend with it. The 360 has a low price attached to it because MS understands if they sell more systems, there will be more system owners to buy games, so they lose money on the systems ( a lot), where sony is content screwing their customers and destroying their own sales numbers as a result. That is why Sony continues to support and produce content for the PS2, so they can keep themselves afloat in sales. If they would reduce the inflated price of the PS3 and maybe throw a game or 2 in with it they would help themselves and their fans alot. The one true thing PS3 has over 360 is the blue ray player, which is overrated anyways. Bluray is only worth while for a few movies like Transformers and Ironman.The majority of Bluray movies are ones that don`t matter anyways. Nobody wants to pay $30 for ``My Best Friend`s Wedding in Bluray. Buy the DVD for $6 instead. And why would you want to wear out your game drive watching movies anyways. You`re better off buying a 360 and a separate bluray player. It would be close to the same price as the PS3. Oh, and lastly (sorry to go on so long), the reason so many of us xbox fans were getting angry on earlier is because we are passionate about our systems. They do so much for us and bring us so many joy. I `d sleep with it under my pillow if I wasn`t afraid of it falling off my bed in my sleep and breaking. I`m sure many PS and Wii fans are the same way with their systems too, so try to understand.
  • gamer999962 - November 14, 2008 7:03 p.m.

    i dont even understand half of these...bill gates? wtf and Japan hates xbox? big deal this is (almost) all a bunch of bull. and EVERY console has in game ads in 1 game or another
  • An0nYmUSz - November 6, 2008 3 a.m.

    i own xbox360 and the ps3... i prefer the xbox360
  • prelude687557 - November 4, 2008 2:40 a.m.

    the size and weigh of the 360 is nothing compared to the weigh and size of the ps3 and i love my 360 but i do agree with a few of them 47. Xbox must be horizontal 48. 360 must be vertical explain to me how it can be horizontal and vertical at the same time
  • comediac - November 3, 2008 8:39 p.m.

    forgot to mention noisy intercooler, heard there was a quieter one being made, but i dont really trust the source that said that (my little brother)
  • rago - November 1, 2008 5:06 p.m.

    everyone needs to relax,chill and take it easy!
  • tstrike20 - November 1, 2008 6:39 a.m.

    Wow, your all retarded.
  • chaoscontrolsupersonic - October 23, 2008 7:05 p.m.

    x box way better than ps3 i like sonic the hedghog
  • hustles m2f - October 7, 2008 8:15 p.m.

    this list lists the same things over and over. Plus half this stuff is about halo... adn stop talking about the launch games it doesnt matter and theres atleast three points on it. also psychonauts was a horrible game
  • gamedude123 - September 27, 2008 2:17 p.m.

    wtf i have an xbox and it doesnt overheat or anything it plays fine and crap ps3 and 360s are gr8 only thing i h8 bout 360s theres rumor bout "If 360 overheat it'll break and youll have to sell it"something like tht but umm ps3's dont do none of tht gay crap and ps3 is a psp so if u say ps3 is gay your saying psp is gay 360s are gay b/c they overheat so bs on h8ters
  • Ronok888 - September 27, 2008 1:33 a.m.

    Ok, I'm gonna be straight. PS3 is a very good console. Very, very good. It has the processing power of a super computer, and has more functionality than a space shuttle. XBox 360 is also a good console, but it isn't on par with PS3. 360 has a TON of games, a lot more than PS3; but why is that? Simply, 360 has been out a much longer time than it's rival. It has, over time, amassed many times more games, and that brings me to another thought. 360 was released in 2005. That was quite a long time ago as far as technology is concerned. 360 is eldest brother of the Next-Gen family and has gone farther and longer than the others. But I big complaint that I have with XBox in a whole is this: PS2 is still going. Even though it is old as sin and has the most outdated graphics by standards today, they still make games for it. This is because not everybody can afford a PS3. Some say PS3 has outrageous prices. I say it has extremely low prices. Why? Think of all the power that is contained inside a PS3. Far greater than any 360 ever. It should be MORE expensive (but thank Zeus it's not). XBox, on the other hand, did something rather foolish in my opinion: The second 360 came out, they discontinued all XBox titles. They completely switched to their Next-Gen behemoth. To make matters worse, they made it near impossible for you to get a 360 which could play old XBox games while still allowing you to stay in budget. XBox was a very short lived console. It never had time to show its true power. PS2 has though. It has shown us that even though it's old and by all standards should be a piece of junk it keeps pushing past its limits and making great games. SW: The Force Unleashed for PS2 is an amazing game! PS2 is good still, and it will be some time before it completely dies out. It'll probably outlive PSP (which was a sad story for a great idea). I have an XBox 360. Good console. Has some glitches and bugs, but a good system still. It does have very good graphics but I don't believe they are the same as PS3 (though very close to it). The reason for this is that it has been out longer. They did rush its production which caused it to have some problems. Why they did this I'll never know. PS3 and 360 have pretty much the same games for it. We are in an age of Multi-Platformation. Most games for 360 can be or soon will be for PS3. So they are similar in that aspect. They each have their good qualities and bad qualities. It has been my experience that online works very well on PS3, and its free. XBox Live is good too, but you shouldn't have to pay to play. It would just be a nice add-on that would make me love 360 more. Also, people on XBox Live are sometimes douchebags. And also, studies show that majority of students who shoot up their schools own 360s. 360 has a lot of shooters. That's actually the majority of their games. It's wasy to see how someone could get violent from playing mindless shooting games (which I enjoy much). But it's good to get some variety once in a while. Fable II should bring that. I can't wait. I feel like I have gone too far. Let me conclude. PS3 is good. XBox 360 is good. Wii is good. They all have their good qualities. While it may be difficult to compare Wii to other consoles, PS3 and 360 seem to always be at war with each other. I'd like to say that we should all give it a break, but that would be impossible. People will always remain ignorant to 360's great qualities, or PS3's. I would like all who read this to take into consideration the words I have written on this wall. Do not blindly accuse anything of being worthless or a piece of trash without great study on it. This goes for all things, man and machine alike.
  • SmallsL3 - September 24, 2008 8:45 p.m.

    from everything that was stated in that video that's wrong the xbox 360, like the humming battery pack, or the loud noises coming out of the system. i haven't had those problems. also the HDMI is not only on the Elite, it's also on the Halo 3 Edition. I've had mine for a little over a year now and still have not had any red bars, i have not had any types of problems with mine. so those hatters out there that say it's way too loud, or that it just plans sucks on everything...know this. just because you got nothing else to do but figure out why your life sucks, just sit back and think how you've wasted you time trying to figure out whats wrong with the 360. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH IT IF YOU TAKE CARE OF IT.
  • Jason.Darksavior - September 21, 2008 9:51 a.m.

    Xbox 360 is alright, and the fans arnt THAT noisy, but i got red ringed a few days ago...
  • guage1234567890 - September 19, 2008 12:06 a.m.

    ps3 are awsome i know i own one and the graphics are better
  • darkninjauk - September 11, 2008 4:39 p.m.

    are you reatarded , just coz ur poor and can't afford one
  • tommy631 - September 6, 2008 3:33 p.m.

    Most of these arent even about the actual Xbox360 this list is mostly a load of crap. Some good points though, but seriously people just get both the Xbox360 and Playstation 3 AND MAKE FUN OF THE Wii and by the way Xbox360 is better i own all three systems and thats what i say call me a fan boy or whatever but your the one looking at the videos and comments!
  • likedamaster - August 30, 2008 6:29 a.m.

    U have xbox shoes down twice. And I find it harder to read text on HD. Nice list, can't wait for playstation's.
  • XBOX360fanboy - December 1, 2008 3:32 a.m.

  • smith7391 - November 18, 2008 2:36 a.m.

    And where is PS3's list? (Sorry, double post)

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