Xbox Series X Quick Resume can support 4-6 games at once, early reports say

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X Quick Resume lets you swap between multiple games in progress, and now we have an idea of how many games you can leave hanging at once.

A collection of hands-on previews for Xbox Series X hit the internet today, and the standout feature so far has been how quickly it loads games. Not just when you're booting them up for the first time or moving from one level to another, but also when you're using the Quick Resume feature to switch from one game to another.

Microsoft hasn't put a specific number on how many games you can leave suspended at once, and it looks like that might be because it depends on what you're playing. CNET reported it working fine with four games, The Verge said it had five games open with few problems, and GameSpot managed to keep an impressive six games open at once. When it opened another, the Xbox Series X silently closed the first game - which does mean you could lose your progress if you have too many open at once and you're not careful about saving.

It's important to note that all of these tests were done exclusively with backwards compatible games, since Microsoft isn't letting anybody play with actual Xbox Series X games yet. It's possible that those figures will be different for games that were made especially for Xbox Series X, especially since they'll tend to be more demanding of the system's hardware.

We also know how much of the Xbox Series X's built-in storage space will be available for games, thanks to the latest round of previews. 

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