Xbox One controller update adds new-gen features

xbox one controller
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox One controllers will now get features that were previously exclusive to Xbox Series X/S controllers.

As first announced yesterday on September 8 over on the Xbox Wire (opens in new tab) blog, Xbox Insiders who are still using the last-gen Xbox One controllers will be able to download a special update for said controllers. Chiefly, this update will Dynamic Latency Input and Bluetooth Low Energy support for all Xbox One controllers that receive the new update, features which are already available on new-gen Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controllers.

If you're unfamiliar with what these terms actually mean, Dynamic Latency Input effectively reduces the time between you pressing the button on a controller and a reaction taking place on-screen, cutting out any delay. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth Low Energy feature allows the controller to better pair with non-Xbox devices through a Bluetooth connection, such as PCs and mobile phones.

It's not just Xbox One controllers that'll be able to download this update, as Xbox Adaptive Controller and Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 users will also be able to implement the same features for their controllers. It should be noted though that this new update is only available to Xbox Insiders from today, and additionally, it's only available to those on the high-ranking Alpha-Skip Ahead and Alpha tiers.

It's pretty safe to assume that this update will be made available for all Xbox One controller users at some point in the future though, as Xbox Insider updates always are. Previously, we've seen the likes of an update that revealed which games are in Quick Resume mode be rolled out to Xbox Insiders, before arriving a few weeks later for all Xbox players. It shouldn't be too long before everyone is able to download this new Xbox One controller update.

For a full walkthrough of all the games still set to arrive on new-gen Xbox machines at some point in the future, head over to our upcoming Xbox Series X games guide for more.

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