Xbox boss says he's "not trying to create a green version" of Sony or Nintendo platforms

Phil Spencer
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Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke out on why he's not interested in console comparisons in a new interview with GamesRadar+.

Microsoft has clearly gone its own way this console generation, releasing two distinct gaming machines and putting its full weight behind the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. It's been an exciting change of pace, but it's also moved Xbox further away from the rough parity it maintained with competitors in previous generations. Spencer says that's very intentional.

"Our strategy is not to just go be like someone else," he says. "I get a push sometimes of 'Where's your version of this or that [game]?'. I've been in this industry for a long time, I have a ton of respect for creators on all platforms, and I know many, many of them.

"But it's good if we're doing something different than what other platforms are doing. We're not in the business of just trying to create a green version of somebody else's blue or red colored platform. That's not the example of creativity that I want to see in the games industry."

Spencer has never hesitated to praise the competition when it's due; he recently said Sony did a "nice job" with the DualSense, and that Microsoft would look at some of the controller's advancements for its own R&D. Even when Microsoft is looking to follow in the competition's footsteps in some ways, at least Spencer's up front about it.

Another thing keeping Xbox unique is Microsoft putting out big titles like Starfield and Redfall as exclusive upcoming Xbox Series X games.

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