Worms Open Warfare

As Worms has slithered onto just about every format imaginable since its early '90s debut, it comes as no surprise that their unique take on turn-based strategy has found its way onto PSP. It's also a no-brainer of a decision for Team 17, as the mission-based action, with it's pedestrian pace, is perfect material for handheld gaming.

Team 17 have sensibly reverted back to a 2D presentation (although the levels look almost 3D) after their latest two console versions were fully 3D, and the vivid designs simply shine on the PSP's awe-inspiring colour screen.

The single-player action is OK, but Worms is all about spiteful multi-player, and Team 17 have catered for this with four-player competitions using the PSP's WiFi capability.

Or if there's only one PSP, you can just pass the handheld between players- something that sounds good on paper but has its drawback, as only one player can see the screen properly at any one point. Seeing your warring worm take a grenade in the face as you sit helplessly is all part of the Worms experience, but you'll just have to wait for the replays.

As the PSP struggles to find its killer-app, it's the familiar titles like Worms and Lemmings that could well tempt older gamers into shelling out to own the handheld. Just like carrying photos in the wallet, it's another way keep some happy memories close to you.