World in Conflict

In stark contrast to most online RTS games, the emphasis here is clearly on teamwork. With each unit having its own particular vulnerabilities and requiring a completely different playing style, you’ll clearly need the back-up of your teammates. Luckily, Massive has built in a few systems to enable optimum communication such as voice-support and an intuitive request system to let your teammates know when you need help, featuring short commands such as “Need air support!” or “Negative!,” that will be instantly sent to your allies along with your position.

Destroying enemy units or capturing command points, meanwhile, jacks up those tactical aid points and it’s never long into the game that someone releases the first nuke. Everyone’s screens fade to white for a second and for just a moment, all action ceases as everybody pans around, trying to get a better look at the amazing mushroom cloud billowing out from ground zero.