World in Conflict

It’s hardly the battle-ravaged scene you’d expect from the genre, but this is just the beginning. Massive has carefully chosen their environments to enable you to easily relate to them, so forget carefully laid-out military bases - here, you can expect to see battles raging around shopping centers and parking lots.

Our first objective, eliminating a sniper nestled in a nearby tower, gives a good demonstration of some of the special abilities available. Our APC vehicle draws near to the base before unloading its troops, who use the cover of a neatly chucked smoke grenade to dash across the unprotected gap, plant some explosives at the base of the tower and rush back to the armored security of the APC. A few seconds later, the explosives detonate and the tower crumbles, falling to one side before smashing into the ground and eliminating our sniper problem. It’s also the first example of the destructible scenery we bear witness to, with every building being a valid target for swift destruction.

Forgoing the traditional RTS habit of resource-collecting, this achievement swells our collection of credits, and with our new-found wealth, we purchase reinforcements to aid us in my next task: taking control of a gas station.