Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 review

Great news for online players, bad news for Germans

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Games often descend into gritty midfield battles, defenders sometimes inexplicably screw balls into touch, stumble or get pulled out of position, and shots mysteriously float 30 yards over from decent positions.The dependence on middle shooting, resulting in myriad goals from 25-30 yards, has been scaled back so once again it's all about working the ball into the box. You can still score from range, but the defense closes you down quicker. Now, perhaps more than ever, there's no more chance of exploiting a 'certain goal' technique than there is in real-life.

On the flip side, defending is more fun. Defence leaders with great reactions, like Spain's Puyol, always seem to be in the right place, mopping up loose balls and smashing weaker players out of the tackle. That said, it's also easier to accidentally pull a defender out of position - there's less computer assistance - so by blindly running forward with a centre back, you can leave gaping holes for wily OMF's to play cutting through balls.

Above: You can perform cheeky new 'quick' free kicks before the other team settles down

Goalkeepers are erratic - though way less exasperating than in WE10 where the ball would frequently screw off a keeper's body/arm/bum into the net. They're more athletic, making some unbelievable diving saves, even though the 'force field' effect when they come to claim high balls proves maddening when you're attacking.

It touches on a higher, almost unprovable, point - that WEPES2007 'bends' the game to create exciting stories: be it a star striker wildly screwing the ball wide, a chunky defender being brushed aside like a baby or a keeper making an incredibly unlikely save.

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DescriptionIt may not have the FIFA license, but in places of the world where "soccer" is pronounced "football," this game reigns supreme.
Platform"DS","PS2","PSP","Xbox 360","PC"