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Wing Island review

The only time you'll see a flying chicken


  • Controls are incredibly simple
  • Arcadey feel
  • Watching your squadmates drown


  • Boring gameplay
  • Over-the-top music
  • Graphics could be hotter

Carrying out acts of daring missions through the bright sunny skies is an attractively heroic concept, played out to a glorious fanfare reminiscent of Studio Ghibli%26rsquo;s superb flying pig movie Porco Rosso. Alas, in reality it has all the flying finesse of holding a plastic spoon full of baby food and faking plane noises to pilot it into a baby%26rsquo;s mouth.

The Wii remote handles like a miniplane in your hand; you dip the it, the plane dips instantaneously; you twist it, the plane twists instantaneously. Simple? Yes. Completely lacking any sense of aeronautical physics? You betcha. Compared to Pilotwings 64, where individual control-tweaking wouldn%26rsquo;t manifest as visible on-screen movements until your vehicle had physically adjusted itself within the air flow, this feels paper-thin.

More Info

DescriptionThe challenge in most flight-based games is the unfriendliness of controls. By making the controls such a non-chore, Wing Island's already overly-simplistic missions are made even more redundant.
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating7+
Release date20 March 2007 (US), 13 April 2007 (UK)