Window to WoW, week seven

Stage Two: False chivalry

Nothing brings out a boy's best behavior like the presence of femininity. Rough and tumble discourse regarding "raping a dungeon" or "f*cking Onyxia up the 'A'" on guild chat will soon evolve to more important topics such as how your pseudo suitors can help you. Before you know it, you'll find yourself showered with unexpected gifts in your mailbox ranging from single rose bouquets to expensive and rare items. Were you asking to buy or trade for a hard-to-find recipe on guild chat recently? Chances are that you'll find one in your mailbox soon enough if your guild mates suffer from KISA syndrome.

But the false chivalry doesn't stop at material goods. Top geared warriors and priests will ask you to add them to your friends list and to "holler whenever you need help." Once the word is out that "you are woman," the agony of typing into the abyss of the Looking for Group chat channel will be nothing more than a memory. Thanks to a guild full of "knights in shining armor," you can now fill a five man group in less than 10 minutes and a full raid in fewer than 30.

Free gifts and unlimited help due to KISA are not without their merits. But even the kindest favors are muddied by the feeling that you're receiving special treatment.

Stage Three: Transparent text flirts

Your suspicion that you're receiving special treatment will be confirmed, once the transparent attempts at text flirting begins. Questions like the ones below - with all the subtlety of a barroom pickup line of caveman quality - are a good indication that your guild mates are currently in the late stages of full blown KISA syndrome.

"Are you really a girl?"
"Really? You're really a girl?"
"a/s/l (age/sex/location)?"
"Where do you live?"
"Are you single?"

Be prepared. Emotes that involve "licking," "flirting," "sighing," "hugging" or "kissing" will soon follow.