Win tickets to the DiRT 2 Ken Block Jump Jam

Ken Block is slightly unhinged. Not only is he an overlord of ollies on a skateboard and a pioneer of pistes with a snowboard, he can also drive a rally car over huge, death-baiting jumps. So if you like seeing slightly mental men risk their necks and everything else attached to it, you’re in luck. Our friends at Fast Car Magazine have got 10 tickets to give away for this weekend’s DiRT 2 Ken Block Jump Jam at Silverstone.

They've teamed up with TRAX for this exciting giveaway and you can enter the competition here. There's a bit of a catch, though: it closes at midnight tonight. So you better get your skates on if you want to see Ken drive like a maniac and potentially shatter his pelvis this weekend. DiRT 2's out in the next couple of weeks and indications are it could be the best racing game since GRID. So make sure to look out for our upcoming Super Review.

Sep 3, 2009