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Why Mega Man 2 is one of the greatest games ever made

But MM2’s looks are merely half the equation, as the sound--particularly the songs--set the standard for what would ultimately become an entire genre of music. Compared to the simplistic tracks in most of its contemporaries, the multilayered compositions were astounding. They still hold up today, as each song blends retro tunes with futuristic electronica that's sure to warm you with nostalgia. Each melody is ingrained in the minds of a generation and the Mega Man series’ soundtracks have always tried--and in some cases nearly equaled--the excellence of MM2’s tunes.

All of Mega Man 2’s strengths added up to an incredibly striking package, crafting an epic story with so few tools at its disposal. There’s the stirring opening as the camera rises with an impossibly tall building to find Mega Man at the top, waiting for his adventure to begin. Then you have the final fight against Dr. Wily, with an out of this world twist that’s followed by closing credits that still makes us a little misty. Mega Man 2 pulled off storytelling that current games still struggle with using the technological equivalent of cave paintings.

When you read about the creation of Mega Man 2, you see that it was a labor of love. The first game wasn’t a hit, but the developers convinced Capcom to give the character another shot. The devs’ effort to keep the series alive shines through in every moment, and unlike so many sequels made out of formality or sales expectations, MM2 exists out of dedication. Everything that people love about Mega Man is in MM2, and while it’s been iterated on many times over, the pure fun of the series has never been showcased more masterfully.

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