Dialogue Options | What games have you spent over 100 hours in?

There is nothing more sobering than looking at the ‘hours played’ section in a game you love and realising that you have managed to lose real-life hours, days or weeks to a virtual world. Sometimes it’s an open-world epic that demands tens, if not hundreds, of hours of your attention if you want to experience every corner of the world they’ve created, other times it’s a role-playing sim where you don’t even notice the time slip away as you improve your farm or build your dream home.

This week, video producer Ellen Causey, staff writer Heather Wald and hardware editor Rob Dwiar have decided to sit down and talk about the games that they have spent a minimum of 100 hours in. They talk about what makes certain games the ones that you’ll spend that much time in, from RPGs that entice you into replaying as a new character, with a new race, background and snazzy haircut, to games like those from the Assassin’s Creed franchise that only have one (or in some cases, two) playable characters but have created such enthralling worlds that you find yourself wondering around the deserts of Egypt or the islands of Greece in sheer amazement. 

They also talk about those all-important platinum trophies, and what makes some games worthwhile when it comes to dedicating up to 100 hours of your time to getting each and every trophy, whilst others feel like a lost cause. They dive into the worlds of Dragon Age Inquisition, Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, to name but a few games the group have lost over 100 hours in. 

Join in the conversation by letting us know the games you’ve spent over 100 hours in, in the comments below or on our Youtube video.

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