Watch us play Double Fine games with the devs, NOW!

Double Fine is known for its fun, charming, and whimsical games--stuff like Psychonauts, Broken Age, and Stacking. We're huge fans of their quirky pedigree, so we've invited some of the developers behind Double Fine's latest to show off their games live on the air! The headliner for today is Hack 'n' Slash, the cerebral Zelda-esque adventure that combines classic top-down exploration with hacking as a puzzle-solving mechanic. Breaking the game is integral to playing it. What other game developer would encourage that kind of open-ended craziness?

But wait, there's more! We'll also be showcasing two of the latest games from the Double Fine Presents publishing label: Escape Goat 2 and Last Life. The former is a hauntingly serene puzzle platformer starring a purple goat and his mouse pal; the latter is a sci-fi noir mystery about solving your own murder (on Mars). We'll be playing, chatting, and laughing through all three of these delightful Double Fine games, so come join us on the GamesRadar Twitch page or tune in below!

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