Watch Destiny 2: Warmind's reveal stream right here

Update: The stream's over! In case you missed it, I've embedded a full archived version in place of the live broadcast.

Original story: The official reveal stream for Destiny 2's next expansion, Warmind, is coming right up, and we'll soon learn more about our Guardians' upcoming Martian excursion. The stream will begin at 10 am PDT / 6 pm BST today (Tuesday, April 24) and you can watch it right here when it begins. Until then, you could do some meditation and practice your Warmindfulness to see if that makes the time go by faster… or you could read through some of the new stuff we spotted in the reveal trailer.

It looks like we'll get to collect some fancy new Warmind-styled armor in the expansion and revisit some favorite exotics from the original Destiny - including good ol' Suros Regime. There will be a new region to patrol, of course, but the most exciting change may be the mysterious Hive Escalation Protocol mode - it could be the Firefight followup Bungie fans have been hoping for ever since Halo: Reach. Even if it isn't all that, a basic horde mode is always fun.

Whether you're a lapsed Guardian or thinking about playing for the first time when Warmind arrives, you'll find some helpful pointers in our Destiny 2 guide. 

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