Warhawk delayed!

Aug 24 2007

So, as you might know, Warhawk is due to land in downloadable form on PlayStation Network next Tuesday 28 August for %26pound;19.99. Right? Wrong! In fact, it'll be a whopping 48 hours late, only shipping out onto PS3's online service during Thursday 30 August.

Here's what Sony has to say for itself:

"We have just received information that the next PS Store update, which will contain Warhawk, will be Thursday 30th August and not Tuesday 28th August as previously announced. As you know Thursday is the usual day for our PS Store refresh. We are sorry for any inconvenience that the extra 48 hours wait may cause."

Warhawk's a seriously good blast, y'know, so we're more than relieved to find it'll still be launching next week, almost as planned. The retail, meat-space version launches on September 21, in case you're interested, complete with wireless headset.

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