Help turn the tide of World War One in War Hospital

World War One hospital management game War Hospital has just received its world premiere at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase.

The second game from Polish developer Brave Lamb Studios War Hospital puts players in control of a realistically-depicted British field hospital on a faithfully recreated version of Western Front of the First World War. RTSelements meet economic survival gameplay and RPG elements as you strive to build and protect your hospital and its staff, all while making difficult decisions in the face of dwindling supplies and an ever-growing number of patients. Even with the most cutting-edge medical technology of the early twentieth century at your disposal, how do you decide which wounded soldiers are most in need of your care, and weigh up the value of a human life?

The moral and practical decisions you make will not only affect the lives of your staff and the soldiers they treat, but will even change the war itself, as your efforts help turn the tide of battle and your choices impact the world around you. In the reveal trailer above, Brave Lamb shows off the game's memorable art style, which captures the reality of a World War One field hospital in striking detail while also depicting the stark horror of the wider conflict.

War Hospital is currently set to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X in 2022, but if you want to learn more, you can sign up to the game's newsletter via its website.