VIDEO: How to beat the Xbox 360 Sonic 2 Guinness World Record

It's almost been a year since I claimed the fastest recorded time on Act 1 of the Xbox 360 version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. So I figured it's time to reveal the secrets and let you have a go at getting your own Guinness World Record. So here, in video form, is exactly what you need to do to if you wanna be a record breaker. You've got dedication already, right?

Just to clarify, the actual world record for the Mega Drive original stands at 20 seconds, but I maintain that the Xbox 360 pad makes that very difficult to achieve. There are also YouTube videos going as low as 19 seconds, although these are clearly running on emulators and are not recognised by Guinness World Records. What this means is that a genuine world record is there for the taking. To make a world record attempt, check out the rules here.

Above: The fastest recorded time on the Xbox 360 version of Sonic 2. Now you know how to do it faster

I set my record at the Golden Joystick Awards last year, and voting for this year's games is happening right now. If you haven't voted yet on the games you want to win a Golden Joystick, I highly recommend you get over there post-haste. A Golden Joystick Award is the most important award in gaming because it's voted for by the people that matter - you. Not journos, not developers, just passionate gamers who want to let the makers of their favourite games know how much their art is appreciated. So go and make sure your favourite games of the past year get the respect and acclaim they deserve by clicking here.

Oh, and if you do beat my Sonic 2 record, let me know in the comments. It's definitely possible. Don't worry, I won't cry too much.

02 Sep, 2010

Justin Towell

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